Monday, 11 July 2016

Live and Love the Life

"The purpose of life is to Live it,to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience."
                                                                                                                       -Eleanor Roosevelt

If  I am writing this today it’s  only because my parents  gave me this life to cherish  and be happy about everything I have had so far.

May be it was all destined to happen by the almighty  that I come in the middle of someone’s life story long back  and be able tell a story  of my own today. As its part of many bad human nature to complain about things we did not get to enjoy or what we were deprived of because of some reason  but there are also few great things which happen to us and we  forget to think and smile about them with gratitude  for who or what made it happen one among them is childhood.

I believe childhood is very special period of   everyone’s life where in no worries, no foes, no fear , no hindsight  biased discussions, no pre notions yes  of course there is   less freedom always under care and consent of loved ones. Don’t do that , don’t go there ,don’t eat that, don’t throw that, don’t touch that etc.ets too many “No&Don’t”s..I also have lot of   good memories .

However old , rich, busy parents are they always try to do best of what they can to their little ones. I remember a scene  from my childhood, during my   third standard  we were  living in a paying guest then. Where I and my elder brother went to our school staying there,  as my grandmother was ill and bedridden my mom had to take care of her in our village  so she left  us as  paying guest  in  a catholic family from where I learnt some Konkani(language spoken by Christians in and around Udupi ) and Christian prayers too.

During our  stay in that  boarding house my Amma would visit me twice or thrice in a month, those were like our full moon days as  she wouldn’t only come with love and care but also get a bag full of snacks , chyawanprash and a bottle of goodness-  Horlicks .Our most tastier  and healthiest  form of milk  too.  

 Horlicks contains wheat, malt barley, sugar, milk +vitamins(A,C,D,E,B1,B5,B6,B12, biotin acid ,folic acid, calcium and fibre) which is called   as Horlicks  named after William Horlick  and   is manufactured and sold by GlaxoSmithKline in many countries.

In India as we all know we have lost lot of things after the British ruled us  and we curse them for the pain and distress they caused among our  forefathers but somewhere in the corner they have  left behind  few good things for us to continue  and take it further for our  social development  like railways,  education system, convent schools  as well as this  magical jar of goodness named HORLICKS which was initially consumed only by the Indian soldiers of the British Indian Army ,they brought it back to India with them as a supplement to the diet. Since then, it became a family drink and even was a kind of status symbol in the rich Indian society.

The brand went through a makeover in the year 2003 to bring in some changes with the changing times and introduced new flavours to drink such as toffee, vanilla, honey, chocolate and elaichi ( cardamom). They also brought in variants such as Junior Horlicks,  Mother’s Horlicks, Women’s Horlicks,  Lite Horlicks, and Horlicks Gold.

Horlicks  provides kids all  most  every important vitamin a kid requires for a healthy physical and mental  growth in its childhood. Along with all this it also helps kids get sound sleep which is the foremost reason for healthy leaving.  I love horlicks   even  now.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Bhai Bola Blog

Yess!! I am happy to be writing this ...

This blog post  is a  tribute to one of my  special friend  Anirudh Shetty he is a poet, philosopher, blogger, traveller, engineer, many more, finally, he is always a special  brother out there .
          To start with history  I met him at an  campus interview, luckily destiny had us both placed in same company at same location ,spoke to him on the first day of office knowing he was a Mangalorean I was happy as if I found an Island in a big ocean. In a very small time we became good friends. As he could see the fact that I was all new for that place and people, and how skeptical I was at things being different out there  he saw the urge in me  to express things .After hearing that one of my hobbies was writing  he lit this magical spark in my life and pushed me to start this blog which is an  year old infant today.

          Back then if that #sachchiAdvice  was not received or brought into action today  I wouldn’t have been here. As he himself was a self motivated   blogger he made me experience and observe the minute things of joy going around in every individuals lives , not just merely see it, at times he made me  part of it too.

          As a small instance to explain how some moments in my life will be nostalgic always  are my first flight  was a free flight from Mumbai to Mangalore which I travelled with him as he won it in a  blogging contest. Yeah,   flying is no big deal nowadays if you have little more money but for a mediocre like me it was a moment
of joy forever the first ever take off. Air hostess had an eye on me or else I would have been shouting like hoooooooooooooooo-Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I am flying freeeeeeeeee in both ways   as if I was on a giant wheel or something.

          All those memorable moments have actually indirectly influenced me to take my blog much farther. I would often   get an opportunity (free pass entry) just with the tag of blogger and friend of a blogger to attend various events with him. I attended  Univercell  exhibition  Colaba, Tata Literature Fest at NCPA , Bolt arena at Vashi which had also  helped us earn so many goodies too.

          Only after I came down to Bangalore I have taken the courage to attend the blogger’s meets  independently , make new blogger friends , write about new incidents and accidents and be in track. Somewhere, someday, somebody might be our family members, friends, teacher or   even a passer-by may be the reason behind our right decisions which later   followed by  fruits of success for  which we owe them at least a soul felt thank you.

So here I am conveying my  gratitude to Anirudh Shetty, It really meant a lot to me that one true   #sachchiAdvice  of yours.

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dekho Dekthe Raho

           Tata has always been known for its pragmatic approach to consumer-centric innovation. In taking this tradition a step further, direct broadcast satellite television provider Tata Sky has come up with a revolutionary technological break-through to keep its customers spanning 14.5 million homes happy. On the 2nd of Sep, 2105 the Tata Sky team launched their new SetTopBox(STB) with a recording + transferring option. With a 500GB storage you can now record and later watch a plethora of your favorite shows and movies, this feature now gives you the flexibility of recording programs by sending a user request through your phone, while you are away from the TV. These recorded programs can be transferred and streamed straight on your android or iOS device to view on the go.
        The  above ad  will show a real family saga for remote and the fight among themselves for the love of their TV program.

     Well speaking about my favorite shows, I wish we had this feature when I was a 10 year old kid watching Shaktimann. I remember as vividly as yesterday the lessons India’s first superhero taught us kids on those Sunday afternoons. It was so much fun to enjoy the innocent and healthy humor in those episodes. Even today while offering a genuinely affectionate apology to my brother I end up saying, sorry Shaktimann.I think as kids it instilled in us the belief that anything is possible and inspired us to imbibe the right set of values. 

        Also, it’s only now that I can appreciate the magnanimity of bringing to Indian homes the epic of Mahabharata. All those memories of some of the most iconic mannerisms on screen bring back the nostalgia. Wish I could record all the 94 episodes and watch them as and when I felt like. 
     Our nation today has far more mobile phones than there are toilets. What was once a luxury of the privileged few has today became a necessary accessory. Make no bones about it, almost everyone you and I know, owns more than one smartphone. We almost live our lives out of our phones, then why not watch a bit of TV on it? The all new Tata Sky Transfer+ makes it cool and convenient to do so. 

Ghar se Bahar ho ya office ke andhar ho
Jab chaye, kidar chahe udar
bina internet ,bina laptop, chintha chodo  aaramse mobile pe TV dekho.
cartoon ho ya wrestling,
cooking ho ya cid,
traffic  me phase ho tho record kardo apki favourite tv show !!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Reconnecting Net-Work

                      Reconnecting Net-Work

I am also part of fast Airtel 4G family recently..,

            Recently my brother decided to opt for work from home since his office was too far and in peak hours travelling in public transport in Bangalore is a real pain for  bangloreans. As the  speed of  airtel  4G  network  was already a hot topic in his office without having  a second thought  very next day he brings home  this  new little member to our family that is airtel 4G HOTSPOT portable Wi-Fi router  whom I named as “AG” .I know naming a router would sound silly and childish but  I have an explanation supporting my thought .

            All this started  when so many years back  the first ARPANET link technically transferred  some data  back in  1969 between the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Stanford Research Institute .Which lit the fire for  future networked computers which we now call as internet. Some statistics say in 1983 only 1% of data was being circulated through digital communications but by the time we were born back in 1992  rate was increased to 51% by 2001 it was  already 97%  and its said that by December 2014 India alone had crossed 300million internet users this is all history n stats .
            Let's make it simple when we come down to our own lives  there was time when people used to see God s photo pray and then sleep but now it's a different scenario where in people updating status in WhatsApp starting from breakfast they had till the supper at night ,click pictures (selfie) along with  person you meet and upload on  Facebook  and other social networking sites  while they could actually have had  their quality time with that person instead. “No comments” as I am a youngster too ,willing  to live a happy and cherishing  life, may  be life has  reformed that way these days. Choices people make, priority they give are different from what it used to be back then.

            Other side of the same coin I would say is umpteen numbers of advantages  if you are good at using internet for good, sources of information are plenty,  it has made our life super easy from paying electricity bills to buying groceries to house is all made just at reach of a button click. I won’t even try talking about ways of entertainment through internet because it is unlimited.

            When we our life is so much dependent on internet having a Hi-speed internet connection becomes one of the  basic needs  like air, food and shelter for somebody like us living in this social world. Which has become the most wanted object at home.(AG)So here I am using by brother’s Airtel4G super fast connection for submitting this blog post.

            Airtel has commercially launched its fourth generation (4G) communications services in 296  towns across the country. This TVC  speed challenge is so tempting about the speed for browsing, videostreaming, downloading etc


 Daily I hear in FM too, which says find a faster network than airtel4G and you will get free life time subscription. Which is kind of a  impossible  situation for now.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Indo-Italian pasta

The flavor of the hour 

        I have been pondering lately on the similarities between a pasta well made and a life well lived. Just as the right amount of ingredients cooked in the right quantity make a  perfect pasta, the right mix of various aspects intelligently blended make for a complete life.    

         It was another boring cloudy Sunday evening, with thoughts of mundane Mondays, perhaps more so with me being one of those IT folks looking forward to Fridays.  So, just to add a wee bit of spice to my life I had this crazy idea of trying the hand at Pasta.
          Though I am a foodie ,after being in hostel all these  years I had not much access to a kitchen or to even watch and learn from my mother. Now that I stay in an apartment with my brother, this is my time to experiment, learn, cook and enjoy the food.

         After staring at the setting sun for a while I decide to toy with the idea of a DelMonte Pasta so that tasty  food entering tummy will bring some ‘Felicita’(happiness) .Luckily I have one good old brother to  test all my experimental  recipes and give a true feedback  and encourage cooking  at times and also suggest minor changes  on finding flaws.

           I would like to start my first ever session of  precious pasta cucina(cooking) with Del Monte Gourmet Spirali Pasta which is made of high protein durum wheat suitable for diet freaks and also yummy for  foodies like me.Now moving to the business end, let’s look at the journey of the pasta from the packet to the plate helped by some pictures, a video and a few words:


Recipe: Indo-Italian pasta 

Ingredients: Delmonte Gourmet Spirali Pasta-250 gm, Fresh Cream (milk)-100ml, Vegetables of your choice-1 cup, sweet corn for added flavor-1 cup, pepper powder, grated cheese, salt as per your taste buds, olive oil-2tbsp.

Serves: 2

·         Lets start by adding the Spirrali to boiling water, drain the water and keep it aside.
·         In a frying pan,  sauté  garlic, onion and green chilies using olive oil.
·         Later simmer the chopped vegetables till they are soft  with fresh  cream  added to the above sauteed contents and sauce is all set.
·         Now mix the pasta and sauce together.  And heat it for 10-15 minutes and garnish with grated cheese and coriander leaves.
Our very own Indo-Italian Pasta   is here and it’s ready   to serve.

Felice Mangiare(Happy Eating)............................................

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Day @HardRock Cafe

         Ab har wish hogi poori….     

Last Saturday was a day marked in my calendar , because it was Indiblogger’s meet hosted by Flipkart at HardRock cafe.

It was actually my third blogger’s meet after coming to Bangalore , since our first meet at Zuri we have a peer bloggers group we meet and then be there on time together and have fun with all the fellow bloggers.
As I am new to Bangalore this was the first time for me there(@HR cafe) and  it was a memorable one .Once the band performance was over it was the time for us, the bloggers to open up express our self and say something special about our blog which was  hosted by Anoop. Later we got to know that   there were gift vouchers from Flipkart for our special introduction too.
In a while Flipkart team took  charge and briefed us about how vast Flipkart was functioning. As per the casual QA round held there the number of products  in FlipKart is 30 Million+, number might have gone a bit high within a week by their new Image Search modulation of shopping made easy.
          When I heard the number I was wondering how do  they manage to keep up so many promises that they give every minute, I would say   every order they take is a promise of “under promise over deliver”. It   needs lot of communication , collaboration for bringing it all together. I remember person from Flipkart meet explaining an incident when he asked  ' whom do you work for?' with an employee at big warehouse he said ‘I work for Internet’ that’s the answer for how vast the network is ,people don’t even know where the product will be sent to ,so many vehicles, so many hands..

         Then the team provides us with a demo of their new and exciting “Image Search” which gives more power to shoppers, by reducing the effort of describing the products they wish to buy. Image Search is a different and smart new thought which lets the individual to search & buy  things that  they  see , just with a click of image. Once the demo was over our attentive  bloggers started shooting them with chains of questions.

          Event was continued  later with the   activities for bloggers ,then we all got a  free copy of “10 LoveStories ,An Indiblogger Selection” which adds one more reason why we need to keep blogging and stay with  Indiblogger Team forever .

Yes, that is something every blogger dreams of right GETTING PUBLISHED!!


All these together made the day a sweet   bookmark in my 
Life Diary:01-08-2015

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Die with diet OR live the honey diet

                  Human body is the best picture of the  human soul.

Somebody once said  "You are what you eat " (Mentally&Physically) I find  it very thoughtful from my personal experience . At times when I knew only "hunger"  until  I came across the word "Health"  I actually  was hogging like" I lived only for eating and only Eating.

As soon as  the charm of film industry , glamour world filled with mesmerising personalities ,they  caught my  teenage mind, brought a thought of health consciousness ,beauty and  many more .That is what the basic schema for advertisement right..??So if things are reasonable and if intentions aren't bad then I don't see a flaw in people like me following anybody who is right.

Even now I am a foodie though not very  choosy simply just enjoy every food & drinks from  simple "bread butter " till the  costliest  "Sizzlers" I  ever had in my life , Frankly speaking may be my life circumstances when things were not going good  around me ,might  have made me susceptible to everything and anything  today which is edible. Craving is a feeling which is almost like an addiction for people like me I would say.

There were those college days ,every morning  began with drinking  lots of water ,eating sprouts ,jogging for an hour or so, then freshen up have a healthy breakfast attend lecture ,come back to hostel eat some light food , play some games freshen up do some college  work have light dinner some fruits and sleep well and routine repeats so on...

I would call this as a healthy living and also happy living  because back  then though I couldn't achieve  Kareena 's   "ideal zero figure "  still  didn't end  up with a "3 pack of tyre around my belly". However bad the food  was ,I  never skipped my food  even if it was  my internal or external exams or even if it was  my final project demo it was never an excuse for me ,if you were a engineer then you would know what it takes to score  passing marks by last moment  studying. when all my friends where dying  and studying without food and sleep I would just do all that other way and smile at myself and say my half brain is in stomach so I better keep it full to write well.:-P

I never compromised with my addiction either : sweets, chocolates, icecream, chats, chicken etc all that you would just put them  in the list of "unhealthy food " if consumed regularly and excessively. But I believe  with a presence of thought knowing ,my health is my food habits(food & habits) living the life you love  will not harm you instead you will  be able to love the life you live which won't be all easy  for those who follow crash diets .

Another route for same destination ,wherein people whom i would  refer as "diet freaks", were actually rude to them self  & their body especially , without proper food intake avoiding all they loved , taking some random capsules and medicines shown in the ads  just with a hope of seeing them self  have a  drastic change  of physic being unaware of double drastic reverse effects. Basically these kind of crash diets and stuff  will make you hate everything you love  which will soon make you find excuses to skip the routine and finally reach back to square(original you) or make  even worse sometimes.

As we all know nature is an eternal gift   presented by God which every living being has a right to use and not to destroy. So   the sweetest one of those is "honey" .I remember   my childhood days mom giving me  honey and pepper powder as a remedy  for cough which could only make me  sleep peacefully. This is just an instance of my experience, there are lot more unrevealed benefits from honey, so following this honey diet will really be fruitful and make you glamorous I believe.

Dabur  honey has taken an initiative for starting this honey diet which will take you to the right destination(healthy & fit) and in a right path(without crash diets & compromises) very importantly. To know more about it just dip your finger in honey you will know the sweetness..